Integrity of Chemical Composition

The SpectRx system creates a spectrum on the production line of each tablet, capsule, or substance to be inspected. Using this spectrum the integrity of the chemical composition is determined in real-time.

Active Ingredient

The SpectRx system uses neural network analysis to determine the amount of active ingredients in each tablet or capsule from the spectrum. If any of the active ingredient is found to be above or below the acceptable limits the tablet or capsule will be rejected.

The spectrum of SpectRx shows a comparison of the active
ingredients of 5 different tablets from the same batch.

Tablet Hardness

The SpectRx system derives the hardness of each of the 5
different Tablets from their individual spectrum.

The SpectRx system has determined the hardness value of the above tablet - 3.5189 kp.

Moisture Content

The above spectrum shows the SpectRx system determining the
moisture content of a tablet.


The SpectRx system has a database where all the parameters --
chemical composition, active ingredients, hardness, and moisture
contents -- of each product (capsule, tablet, etc.) are stored.

Neural Network Analysis

The SpectRx screen displays the Neural Network Learning curve as the system is being trained to recognize a product and all its acceptable parameters.

Multi Component Quantitative Analysis

The SpectRx system performs multi component quantitative analysis on each product to for on-line inspection analysis.

Percentage of Fat and Lean in Beef

The SpectRx spectrum above shows the Percentage of Fat and Lean of two beef patties. The Red spectrum curve shows a 50% Lean and 50 % Fat mixture, where the Yellow curve spectrum shows a 97% Lean and 3% Fat makeup.