InspectRx® Vision System has been validated FDA-21CFR-Part 11 Compliant 

Automatic Filler Inspection System
During the slat filling operation, the InspectRx® Vision System is automatically raised to a pre-determined position to capture the images of falling capsules/tablets/caplets at a rate of 1960 units per second. The InspectRx® System identifies acceptable products as they enter the corresponding bottle.

Bottles containing an inaccurate count or an unacceptable capsule/tablet/caplet will be automatically rejected and sent to a quarantined holding location. The InspectRx® System can be implemented on any type of slat filling operations such as Lakso, Merril, or King Fillers.

The InspectRx® System is Tracking Caplets in Mid Air accounting for an exact count per bottle, broken, dirty, misshaped, and foreign objects.
The InspectRx® System installed on Lakso 990 Filler is raised above operators level during product change over

The InspectRx® System is automatically lowered to begin its inspection operation. It is implemented on the 990 Lakso Filler.
InspectRx® Vision System is
 implemented on a Merril Filler

InspectRx® Vision System captures migrating objects from one slat to another during production operation.

The InspectRx® Vision System inspecting and analyzing tablet/capsule prior to entering their designated bottles. Exploded capsule is detected .

The InspectRx® System for tablet/capsule identified the exploded capsule and marked it in red during production operation