The InspectRx® is a patented "plug-and-play" vision inspection system capable of analyzing 16,777,216 color variations of objects at a rate of 30 objects/second, including 15 window-frames to capture many object-parameters. Each window-frame may contain data such as a bar code, label, lot number, expiration date, cap, cap-attachment, handle, color, missing characters, security code, etc..

The InspectRx® also may measure an object's height, length, depth, width, etc.,. It may also perform a comparison verification of relative objects with respect to a specific standard. The system can visually analyze a window of objects arranged in a matrix form to identify a microscopic deviation of dimensions or colors within a color resolution of 16,777,216th of a pixel variation.

The InspectRx® is used to inspect Capsules & Tablets, Catheters, Blisters: Lot number, Expiration Date, Barcode Decoding, Glass Ampoules, Glass Vials, Glass Bottles, Cap Orientation, % Fat & %Lean of Beef, Pork and Poultry, Automotive & Microelectronics.

The InspectRx® is a flexible, reliable and affordable vision inspection system to perform 100% inspection on your production line ensuring an Error Free Environment.