The InspectRx® system is capable of simultaneous reading of product-codes, lot numbers, expiration dates. The barcode is decoded and verified to match the label printed numerical data. Such alphanumeric and barcode verifications can be achieved on cartons, boxes, blisters, and labels.

 The imbedded information in the Barcode is accurately verified.

Figure 3 The InspectRx® Vision System simultaneously reading product-codes, lot numbers, expiration dates placed on cartons boxes during production operation to verify the validity of the printed data with the actual information of each box. Also, it verifies the legibility of each printed label.


The InspectRx® System traces the domain of the Lot Number and Expiration Date on a continuous web for continuous verification and dimensional accuracy.

The InspectRx® System verifies printed Lot Numbers, Expiration Dates, and decodes Barcodes on a continuous Web. The InspectRx® system detects, identifies, and displays defects during production operation at a rate of 100 meter/s. The system identifies the location and the size of a flaw regardless of the environmental lighting variations. The InspectRx® system increases quality, decreases waste and reduces equipment downtime.

The InspectRx® Vision System is developed in web-application to continuously read lot number, expiration date and decode bar codes.

 The InspectRx® Vision System is developed to decode all information incorporated in the barcode of the printed circuit board.

 The InspectRx® Vision System accurately digitizes the printed barcode.

The InspectRx® Vision System verifies the color code as well as decoding the Julian date on a continuously printed label.

The InspectRx® Vision System correlates the printed day of the year, the machine number, the facility location, and the cavity number with the lot number and expiration date.

The InspectRx® Vision System accurately reads the laser abated or etched alphanumeric on a Carbon Heart Valve, then correlates the information with the corresponding  8.5 x 11 printed sheet containing a bar code with identical information to avoid mix up.

The InspectRx® Vision System reads the presented 8.5 x 11 sheet containing the barcode to correspond with the Carbon Heart Valve information.