InspectRx® Vision System has been validated FDA-21CFR-Part 11 Compliant 

The InspectRx® Vision System can inspect many types of blister packs and measure the dimensions and colors of any tablet shape placed in each blister.

Tablets placed in each blister may take unique form and color. A combination of shapes, such as triangular, square, oval, and round tablets, in different colors, may be placed in the same blister. The InspectRx® system successfully corresponds each type of tablet to its specific cavity determining its exact dimensions, shape, color, and its location within the blister matrix.

Triangular, Round, and Square, Tablets in two Different Colors Placed in the Same Blister Pack

The InspectRx® System has been developed to inspect products inside mirror-like blister-foil of a highly reflective surface that normally distorts and blinds cameras. The images displayed shows the InspectRx® System successfully inspecting tablets, in a highly reflective mirror-like blister surface. The unique algorithms and the proprietary lighting system invented by American SensoRx, Inc., enables the blister to be accurately analyzed irrespective of the condition of the blister surface or the ambient lighting environment.

The InspectRx® System analyzes critical information printed on each label during the packaging operation. In addition, it finds the exact tablet position within each cavity of the blister. The InspectRx® System verifies and automatically discards improperly packaged or unsealed products.

The InspectRx® Vision system Detects Foreign Tablet in a Highly Reflective Blister Pack

The InspectRx® Vision System detects broken tablets in the plastic pack. It ensures that correct tablet color is placed in its appropriate designated location.

The InspectRx® Vision System Detects Defective Tablets in Blister Pack

The InspectRx® Vision system has been developed to detect broken, foreign, and discolored tablets as well as the blowouts found on the plastic surrounding the tablet of a blister pack.