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The InspectRx® Vision System has been validated
by the FDA as CFR-21 Part 11 Compliant

Carbon Heart Valve Inspection
The InspectRx® Vision System is developed to verify the micro-identification of alphanumeric laser-abated, or chemically etched characters on a Carbon Heart Valves while simultaneously comparing the characters with the corresponding barcode identification sheet accompanying each valve.

The InspectRx® Vision System Identifies The Printed Characters Etched or Laser Abated on Each Carbon Valve and Correlates it with The Coded Carrier-Sheet .

The InspectRx® Vision System Correlates The Accompanied Bar Coded 8.5 x 11 Carrier-Sheet with The Actual Etched or Laser Abated Characters of The carbon Valve.

The inspection is performed once the carbon valve is automatically placed on a mandrel together with its corresponding document, which is placed also under a separate camera.
The InspectRx® Vision System decodes the barcode, then advances the mandrel carrying the valve to a location where a very high resolution camera is attached. The camera, which is attached to a telescopic lens begins to acquire the etched images on the carbon valve by searching, measuring, and verifying the characters on the valve and simultaneously linking them with the corresponding information found in the barcode of the accompanying 8.5 x 11 sheet.

 The InspectRx® Vision System Automatically Locates Each Character and Compares it with The Decoded Information Depicted from The barcode

The InspectRx® Vision System automatically correlates each character or number to the barcode of the corresponding document. The InspectRx® Vision System ensures safe handling and packaging of the correct products preventing any mix-up.

,  The InspectRx® Vision System Identifies The Character Spacing and Advances Accordingly Locating Each Character and Compares it with The Decoded Information Depicted from The barcode in The 8.5 x 11 Carrier Sheet.