InspectRx® Vision System
Validated to Comply with FDA-CFR 21-Part 11

Cap-Hinge Inspection and Orientation
  The InspectRx® system is being used to verify the orientation of cap-hinges during the packaging assembly operation. If a cap-hinge is not oriented properly, the InspectRx® Vision System sends a corrective signal to servo mechanism to accurately re-orient it.

 The InspectRx® system is utilizing a higly sophosticated algorithms developed specifically to indetify many types of hinges for precise placement on various bottles.

 As the Tube is Placed Randomly on the Conveyer, The InspectRx® Vision System Automatically Correlates The Tube Hinge with Certain Parameters Found on the Body of The Tube, Eliminating the Need for Orientation .

 InspectRx® Vision System Identifies The Exact Location of The Hinge When The Tube is Placed Randomly in The Field of View.

 InspectRx® Vision System Identifies Incorrect Location The Tube Hinge When Placed Randomly in The Field of View

The InspectRx® Vision System Measures An Acceptable Angular Displacement of 2.25o The of Cap Hinge with Respect to Standard References in the Main Body of the Tube