InspectRx® Vision System
Beef, Pork, and Poultry Inspection

The system is Validated and Complied with USDA Requirements

The InspectRx® Vision System is developed to analyze the lean and fat content of beef, pork, and poultry. As the trim passes the field of view, the System captures and analyzes it in several mill-seconds prior to exiting the filed of view. The system automatically directs each trim to accumulate a desired lean/fat ¡°Combo¡± percentage, pre-selected prior to a production run.  

A prime rib is analyzed as it passes the filed of view of the InspectRx® Vision System yielding accurate analysis of Lean/Fat Percentage

The InspectRx® Vision System is used to Evaluate the side view of the prime rib to obtain prime rib grade data

The InspectRx® Vision System is used to accurately analyze the ground beef during the blending operation

The InspectRx® Vision System guides specific augers filled with raw-trims and fat to dispense certain amount to accurately reach a desired lean/fat percentage

High-Speed On-Line Near Infrared Techbology
The SpectRx System is the only known non-destructive Near Infrared on-line automated system proforming realtime analysis of chemical compositions for organic products in solid, powder, liquids, semi-solid, or gas forms.

The system is rugged, reliable, and simple to use in many different applications throughout pharmaceuticals, chemical, food, meat, cosmetics, gas, fertilizers, and medical industry. Among other applications, the SpectRx™-non-destructively - measures and analyzes active ingredients,
chemical compositions, moisture contents, in tablets/capsules ¡ª hardness, and disintegration in tablets. It analyzes the chemical compounds that are combined with polymer base.

The SpectRx system analyzes fat, protein, and water content of beef, pork, poultry, and other food products.

Analyzed Image of Prime Rib

Industry may use the SpectRx system to inspect and verify products contained in plastic blisters either before or after the final seal-stage using a single or dual probes at a rate of 80 or 160 scans/second.

The SpectRx is engineered to simplify the assembly and the construction of high-speed production inspection environments. It consists of three major ¡°Plug and Play¡± modules; the ¡°Interferometer¡±, the ¡°Processor¡± and the ¡°Near Infrared Fiber Optic Probe.¡± The engineering staff of American SensoRx Inc., has developed the SpectRxä software to enable operators ease of programming for on-line analysis of pharmaceuticals, food, chemical or medical products.

SpectRx ™ Automatic Inspection of Tablet/Capsule