InspectRx® Vision System
for High Speed PCB Inspection

Microelectronics - PCB Inspection - Automotive Applications
The InspectRx® PCB System is developed to inspect the presence of circuit components, verification of the printed value on each electronic components, and the accurate location of each component in the board matrix.

  Inspection of Surface Mount Components

 The InspectRx® PCB System for the verification of components value

The InspectRx® PCB system captures and analyzes vast amount of data for detection of wafer surface and bump defects. It measures the required dimensions of several PCB components and delivers highly accurate CMP alignment results. Also, the InspectRx® PCB Vision System detects micro-level scratches.

The InspectRx® PCB inspection system is capable of verifying the presence and the value of each fuse placed in an automotive fuse box. The InspectRx® system is applicable in the automotive industry to monitoring the productivity of part dimensions within several micrones, as well as performing accurate measurement of shape and color verifications.

The InspectRx® PCB inspection system evaluates metal surface impurities and indentifies tooling irregularities that may require multiple camera views. It calibrates and verifies gauge clusters. The InspectRx® PCB identifies the exact values of automaotive fuses and its appropriate locations.

  The InspectRx® PCB Vision System inspects automotive fuse values in the placed in the fuse box