Capsule Inspection: Capsule Gel, Crushed, Broken, Empty Cavities, Counting, Bottle Under-   fill
  Tablet Inspection: Broken, Color Inspection, Shape Analysis
  Blister Inspection: Integrity, Alpha-Numeric, Lot Number and Expiration Date
  Label Inspection: Alpha-Numeric, Lot Number and Expiration Date, Barcode Reading
  Chemical Integrity of Capsule and Tablet: Chemical Composition, Moisture Content,   Hardness,   Active Ingredient, Quantitative Analysis using SpectRx™ NIR System

  Catheter Inspection: Needle Tip Inspection, Sheath Inspection, Lot Number Expiration Date,   Barcode Decoding
  Vial Inspection: Brick Inspection With and Without Plastic Wrap, Chip Detection
  Ampoule Inspection: Seal Shape, Presence of Split Line, Impurities, Scratches and   Abrasions   on   the Glass, Stains on the Glass
  Glass Bottle Inspection: Inspection of Glass Pre or Post Wash, Inspection of Lip, Neck   Shoulder,   Body and Base of Bottle, Glass Molding Defects, Detection of Air Bubble in Glass
  Metrology Inspection: Heart Fibrillation Devices

  Label Inspection: Alpha Numeric, Proper Print, Lot Number, Experation Date, Barcode   Verification, Color Consistancy
  Cap Orientation: Hinge Orientation of Caps and Verifaction before and after attachment to   bottle
  Underfill Inspection: Liquid, Power, Solid and Semi-Solid

  Beef, Pork, Poultry: InspectRx or SpectRx
  On Line Determination % of Fat, % of Lean Using InspectRx® Vision System:   Nondestructive,   real-time measurement of Percent of Fat , Percent of Lean and Weight of   each Trim.
  On Line Determination of Protein, Fat, and Moisture Contents Using SpectRx™ NIR System:   Nondestructive, real-time analysis measuring Fat Percent, Protein Percent Using the   SpectRx™   NIR System

  Automotive & Electronics
  Electric Fuse Inspection: Fuses, Resistors