The Machinex®

            Inspecting 1,000,000-1,600,000 Tablets/Capsules per Hour

Advanced Technology System

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The Technology

The Machinex® is an advanced technology system developed recently by American SensoRx, Inc., employing its unique and proprietary algorithms in the fields of advanced Vision and Near Infrared Spectroscopy. The proprietary algorithms and the unique setup of the Machinex® system ensures complete inspection and analysis of every shape and size of any tablet or capsule enters the domain of the system.  The Machinex® examines all objects in 3-D’s measuring all dimensions in microns using the invented InspectRx® Vision System, and the SpectRx™ NIR System. 


The Machinex® is particularly invented to automatically orient capsule/tablet/gel to designated surface prior to the printing, and/or Laser drilling operations.  The Machinex® system examines color consistency, and detects undesirable flaws. 


The Machinex® system will rid the production lines from undesirable dimensions, colors, shapes, sizes, and damaged or partially damaged tablets, capsules, or gels. 


The Machinex® system provides absolute accuracy in counting and directing tablets, capsules, and gels of all shapes and sizes to the designated destination for packaging operation.   


American SensoRx, Inc., is proud to provide its clients with 100% money-back-guarantee achieving the corporate objective to meet or exceed customer expectations maintaining error-free production environments.


Furthermore, the Machinex® employs American SensoRx, Inc., patented Near Infrared SpectRx™ system to analyze tablets or capsules to ensure that the exact amount of chemical compositions and active ingredients are present.  Also, it measures the tablet and capsule humidity, tablet hardness, and tablet disintegration.



The Machinex® system is well received among the pharmaceutical Korean and the Japanese market.  Although the Machinex® is an American made system it is being tested through several Korean and Japanese enterprises.


    The Machinex® Production Rate

          The system is capable of inspecting 1,000,000 – 1,600,000 tablets, capsules, or gels per hour.  The Same Machinex® system can be used for tablets, capsules, or gels by utilizing American SensoRx Proprietary “Quick Change Over.”



3-D Cross Sectional View of the Machinex® system equipped with high speed colored cameras inspecting all sides of objects placed in hopper



Machinex® system side view with adjustable control console
















The Machinex® Configurations

The Machinex® overall dimensions are 1508 mm depth x 1520 mm wide x 2182 mm height.




The Use of the Machinex®

               The Base Machinex® is used for the following functions:

  • Tablet and Capsule Dimensional Analysis in  Microns
  • Color and Shape Consistency
  • Absolute Count and Traceability of Accept and Reject Products
  • Ensure 100% Absence of any Foreign, Damaged, and Unwanted Product
  • Detection of Flaws and Cracks that may be found in Tablet, Capsule, and Gels
  • Direct Accept or Reject Products to the Designated Destination


Optional - The Machinex® May Incorporate the Following Options:

  • Print Orientation - Orient the Side of Tablet or Capsule prior to Printing
  • Printing - Print Tablets or Capsules
  • Laser Drill Orientation - Orient the Side of Tablet or Capsule prior to Laser Drilling
  • Laser Drilling - Laser Drill Tablet or Capsule
  • Rejection Mechanisms - Direct Accept or Reject Product to the Designated Destination
  • Near Infrared - NIR Analysis Detect, measure, and analyze the Exact Amount of Chemical Compositions and Active Ingredients of Tablets or Capsules
  • Humidity - Measure The Amount of Humidity in Tablets or Capsules
  • Tablet Hardness - Measure Tablet Hardness
  • Tablet Disintegration - Measure Tablet Disintegrations
  • Bottle Filling and Counting - Fill Bottles ensuring Absolute Counting Accuracy
  • Blister Filling -  Fill Blisters ensuring Absolute Counting Accuracy


The Unique Technology of the Machinex®

The systems applications of the well innovated, developed, proven, and patented technologies of American SensoRx’ “SpectRx™ NIR,” and “The InspectRx® Advanced Vision” are money-back-guaranteed.  Both technologies have been uniquely combined in a single Machinex® system for tablet/capsule/gel inspection, printing, laser drilling, and measuring chemical compositions, active ingredients, as well as tablet hardness, and disintegration.   


The Machinex® Cost

The base cost of the Machinex® is dependent upon the required options. However, the basic established speed of the Machinex® is 1,000,000 tablets/capsules per hour.  If the required speed exceeds 1000,000 tablets/capsules per hour an additional charge is necessary.  The exact cost of the Machinex® would be tailored according to the requirements, and the need for additional options. 


Center for Manufacturing Excellence

American SensoRx, Inc., www.AmericanSensoRx.Com and Pharmatool Corporation have collaborated together to combine their unique technological forces and provide the world the first, and the most innovative technology in pharmaceuticals and medical handling and inspection techniques with unequalled machining precision of 0.0001”.  The combined proprietary and patented technologies of American SensoRx, Inc., and Pharmatool Corporation have led to the creation of the only known Machinex® system developed specifically to count, inspect, orient, print, laser drill, and NIR chemical analysis performing 100% inspection, verification, and analysis of pharmaceuticals, medical, and agricultural tablets, capsules, and gels.  


          Thanks to the combined expertise of the American technical, and academic technologies, and the German Workmanship the Machinex® system is finally born to enhance the pharmaceutical and medical industries with 100% inspection, printing, laser drilling, and NIR analytical system backed up with 100% money-back-guarantee at an unequalled production speed that can exceed 1,000,000 units per hour.