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  • The United States Patent and Trade Mark Office on August 24, 2011 Issued a "Notice of Allowance of a New Invention entitled:  AUTOMATED PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCT PACKAGING, INSPECTION, VERIFICATION, AND COUNTING APPARATUS.'
  • American SensoRx hosted AMGEN Corporation to test and inspect the Vials' Shoulders.  The Test was highly successful.  Four Cameras are employed to view  multiple angles of each vial.  The cluster of cameras were inspecting vials at a rate of 10 Vials/Second.
  • American SensoRx Installed one of the most advanced medical Inspection system for Omrix/Ethicon (a Johnson and Johnson company) in Rohovot, Israel.  The InspectRx Vision System inspected the Fibrin Patch Matrix to identify and measure the amount of coated anti-biotics prior to placement in poutches.
  • American SensoRx has successfully completed the validation activities of the fourth InspectRx Vision System at Baxter Health Care, Aibonito, Puerto Rico.  The engineering team of Baxter, together American SensoRx team have worked tirelessly for 5 days to successfully complete their intended objectives.
  • American SensoRx will spend one week, October 14 - 21 at Baxter Health Care Products, Aibonito, Puerto Rico, to Validate system IV. 
  • New system training at Baxter Health Care Products - Aibonito - Puerto Rico, will begin in November 2010,
  • System I at Baxter Health Care Products, Aibonito, Puerto Rico, was installed in 1994.  It is still functioning exceptionally well 24 hours a day since installation.  Management have decided to upgrade the InspectRx Vision Operation - of system I.  The new system will be implemented in May 2011.
  • Yaskawa and American SensoRx, have successfully implemented a close-loop unique miniature motor configurations that enables object to accelerate, decelerate, and stop within 7.5 milliseconds, then dwells in 6.5 milliseconds.  While this is a break-through in object handling for American SensoRx' SpectRx NIR applications and Yaskawa motor development, it fell short by 1.5 milliseconds.  It is our belief that on September 23, 2010 Yaskawa, and its control engineers will be able to meet American SensoRx expectation.  The target is moving object within 7.5 milliseconds, then dwells  only in 5 milliseconds.
  • American SensoRx successfully completed the integration and control functions of a Fortune 10 proprietary product at HH Hofliger Stuttgart - Germany.  The development of the entire programming and the "Fault Condition Screens" were challenged.  The test results were documented and witnessed by several experts.  The system is a land mark of successful cooperation between American SensoRx, HH Hofliger,
  •  American SensoRx will employ NIST (US - National Institute of Standards and Technology) approach to calibrate Light Energy to the InspectRx® Camera System.  This will be the first implementation world-wide to calibrate camera analysis during the life of a product.  The implementation will be achieved for Fortune 10, Germany - Israel .

  • A esponse to 9-Sigma was submitted on September 7, 2008 for review

  • 9-SIGMA who is acting on behalf of Corning Glass Coporation has selected American SensoRx among many other corporations to proceed to the final stage of the selection process for applying unique and innovative Vision Inspection System for Corning product

  • A marketing strategy is underway to offer the FilleRx® system to pharmaceutical corporations in China, in addition to Japan, and Korea.

  • Negotiations to distribute the FilleRx® system in Korea and Japan are underway

  • The engineering staff created a new concept developing for inspecting 100% Combe containers.  All containers flaws are within the InspectRx technical abilities

  • The General Manager of Combe Coporation is providing American SensoRx with urgent samples for a new system development - The engineering staff are eager to provide Combe their analysis for developing another successful system

  • August 25, 2008 the consultants of "Advanced Engineering Corporation" met with American SensoRx engineering staff to discuss American SensoRx' new proprietary product to be launched in March 2009

  • American SensoRx is installing a unique proprietary InspectRx® system for Fortuen 10 Comapny -  Patch Matrix in Stuttgart,Germany.

  • American SensoRx is installing another 2 InspectRx® systems for Baxter Microbore analysis and dimensional micro-measurement systems at Baxter Healthcare - Aibonito

  • The fabrication of a complete FilleRx® system is completed.  The entire driving system and the electronic control modules are in place.  The processing unit is well developed and put in place.  The entire machine assembly and integration will take place during the week of August 25, 2008

  • 12 Additional FilleRx® systems are set to begin construction during first week of September, 2008.

  • A new developed by Yaskawa will be experimented with American SensoRx SpectRx™ system to transport tablet/capsule/gel in 7.5 milliseconds and dwell in 5 milliseconds

  • Poly & Tiantong Instruments Company, Ltd., - China is investigating the use of the American SensoRx' SpectRx™ system.  A visit to China to meet with the engineering staff is inevitable 

  • A Fortune 10 Company is requesting American SensoRx to provide an identical InspectRx® system to inspect proprietary fibrin patch matrix in Germany then Israel

  • Alcan Corporation is requesting further development of external tube analysis of products with silver-mirror-finish for the cosmetic industry


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