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American SensoRx is truly a smart company -in more ways than just one- On one hand, we are a bustling hive of discovery and innovation - such as the innovation of the InspectRx® Vision system, the SpectRx™ Near Infrared system,  the FilleRx® system, etc., driven by a commitment to technology that has earned American SensoRx recognition by the “Intelligent Community Forum” as one of only three technologically advanced companies in the world.  On the other, we are an affordable, amiable, relaxed American corporation with a passion for innovations.  The collaborative relationship between American SensoRx, its academic affiliations, its staff, and its clients makes our corporation a smart entity, in particularly for our clients to achieving their goals of productivity excellence.

American SensoRx, Inc., was established in 1994.  It became a world leader in developing sophisticated, and highly advanced yet affordable vision and spectroscopy systems. 

The corporation has employed its vision and spectroscopy patents, as well as numbers of its proprietary technologies to develop the most advanced high-speed pharmaceutical filling machine.  The filling machine ensures absolute counting, detecting flaws in microns, and verifying the chemical compositions, and active ingredients of tablets, capsules, and gels. 

American SensoRx, Inc., has faithfully long-served - and will continue to serve its clients in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical, cosmetics, micro-celectronics, chemicals, food, and automotive industries through its unique InspectRx® Vision and  SpectRx™ Near Infrared applications.

The  InspectRx® system is a very high-speed vision inspection system capable of analyzing 1.7 million colors of an object at a rate of 300 frame /second,      It captures, and analyzes many parameters containing data used in analyzing various objects.

The InspectRx® system can measure an object’s height, length, depth and width. it can perform a comparison verification of an object with respect to a known standard.  It can visually  analyze several objects simultaneously to identify a microscopic deviation of dimension or colors.

It can be used for inspecting cardiac devices, capsule, tablet, labels,  lots number, expiration date,  missing characters,  cap, and cap hinges, handles,  identify foreign or broken objects,  micro-flaw, and measure object in microns.

The SpectRx™ NIR is a very high speed “Near Infrared” system used for on-line production applications to analyze pharmaceutical, and food products at the speed of production.  The SpectRx™ NIR system is employed to identify the product chemical compositions, including multiple active ingredients at a rate of 80 objects/second or 160 objects/second using 2 probes.  The SpectRx™ system is used to analyze pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, and food products such as a gel ( Banner), tablets and capsules (Fortune 10, and Avantis), Stents (Fortune 10, Swift & Co.and ConAgra). 

Recently, American SensoRx inventively combined its invented technologies, together with its proprietary information namely:

  • The InspectRx® Vision Technology and Systems
  • The SpectRx™ Near Infrared Technology and systems
  • American SensoRx Neural Network Analysis
  • American SensoRx Fast Fourier Transformation
  • American SensoRx Software Optimization and Implementations ..

into a cluster of advanced technologies to bring forward the ever-needed high-speed filling machine, FilleRx® system, which is "100% guaranteed" to provide the followings:

  • absolute accuracy in counting products of tablet/capsule/gel while entering designated bottles,
  • exceptional detection of flaws in microns,
  • absolute verifications of the tablets/capsules/gels' chemical compositions, and active ingredients,
  •  highly reliable measurements of tablet hardness, and disintegration at the speed of production.

The FilleRx System - Advanced High-Speed Packaging and Inspection System - American SensoRx Proprietary Technology - August 2008

American SensoRx invented the SpectRx™ NIR System to analyze tablets, capsules, and gels. and verify their chemical compositions, and active ingredients.  In addition, the system provides highly reliable measurements of tablet hardness and disintegration at the speed of production

It is worthy of noting that American SensoRx discovered a new light energy index -- "Sabrie's Index."  The new index is widely used among the scientists and physicists to calculate the NIR energy, which is directly correlated to "Tablet Hardness and Disintegration."

The InspectRx® System shown is invented by American SensoRx to be used the medical industry for mankind health to inspect Carbon-Heart valves for all ages, ensuring absolute integrity of their functions prior to implementations in recipients.

The thrust of American SensoRx current goals is:

  • serving our clients with our proven and competent InspectRx® Vision, and SpectRx™ NIR systems, and technologies in all related fields of pharmaceuticals, medical, food, cosmetics, chemicals, microelectronics, and automotives
  • providing the pharmaceutical and vitamin industries with the world's most unique, and highly advanced FilleRx® system to fill bottles at at a rate of 720 bottles/minute - 100 count per bottle.

American SensoRx provides the FilleRx® System with a 100% guarantee that no product mix may ever take place.  The corporation guarantees that every filled bottle will have the exact products' count. 

Also, the FilleRx® system guarantees that every filled bottle will not have any foreign or unwanted object during the entire production run.

Identifying the chemical compositions, and active ingredients, as well as measuring tablet hardness, and tablet disintegration can be also achieved at the speed of production


American SensoRx, Inc., 31 N. Monroe Street, NJ 07450 USA - Phone: 201 447 8999 Fax: 201 447 8998 - info@AmericanSensoRx.com