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American SensoRx, Inc. was established in 1994 based upon its two distinct discoveries in the fields of visible light energy, and Near Infrared technology.   As a result, two patents were granted.  The first is named “the InspectRx® Vision System,” which deals with the inspection of pharmaceuticals, medical, cosmetics, chemicals, microelectronics, automotives, and food products.  The InspectRx® Vision System measures objects and flaws in microns.  It provides an absolute count, and ensures product integrity, thus preventing any pharmaceuticals mix up. 

The second is named the “SpectRx™ NIR System,” which analyzes the composition of pharmaceuticals, medical, cosmetics, and food products, and identifies the chemical composition and active ingredients.  SpectRx™ NIR System measures tablet hardness and disintegration, also at the production speed.

A decade before the establishment of American SensoRx, Inc., the founder (Dr. Sabrie Solomon) recognized that the packaging and inspection machines in the market place were inefficient and fell short of the needed true “error free” manufacturing systems.  While American SensoRx’s two distinct systems, the InspectRx® and the SpectRx™ had taken prominent positions worldwide, its goal continued to be the creation of “error free” packaging, and inspection machines. This goal became even more pressing with the demise of other corporations that had manufactured packaging and inspection products.  American SensoRx, Inc. is now pleased to report the introduction of the FilleRx® productThe FilleRx® is a highly advanced packaging machine that is capable of filling in excess of 720 bottles/minute with 100 counts per bottle. This is 2 to 3 times greater than the current machines in the market today. 

American SensoRx’s  InspectRx® and the SpectRx™ technologies are embedded in the FilleRx® system.   

It is the opinion of American SensoRx that there is a significant worldwide need for the FilleRx® product and their underlying technology.  However, this product and the resultant benefit to American SensoRx has been fully realized. Therefore, American SensoRx, Inc. established a complete production, sales and marketing organization worldwide.  

While American SensoRx has invested and dedicated the necessary financial and man power resources to build such an organization within a reasonable period of time, American SensoRx, Inc., is willing to enter into an agreement with one or more major pharmaceutical companies whereby American SensoRx would receive additional funds to ramp up its production capacity and initially fill all of the internal requirements of the escalating pharmaceutical packaging demands.

Also, while American SensoRx is financially self sufficient, it welcomes the opportunity to receive third party funds to acquire further equipment and resources necessary to ramp up its world-wide production and sales.  Under all circumstances, American SensoRx will be able to introduce its new products worldwide.   

American SensoRx, Inc., proud to possess the InspectRx® vision systemsystem and technology, the SpectRx™ NIR system system and technology, and the FilleRx® system and technology. 

American SensoRx innovatively, embedded the InspectRx® and the SpectRx™ technologies and systems in the FilleRx® system.


American SensoRx, Inc., 31 N. Monroe Street, NJ 07450 USA - Phone: 201 447 8999 Fax: 201 447 8998 - info@AmericanSensoRx.com