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American SensoRx has identified and developed a manufacturing process that can significantly assist pharmaceutical companies to accurately count, inspect and monitor the filling of pharmaceurical containers in their final manufacturing process. Prior to this new system there lacked the ability to efficiently undertake these fundamental processes.

The effort and resources required to quickly and efficiently introduce and implement this new system domestically and internatinally into all segments of the worldwide pharmaceutical industry are within the current organizational and financial resources of American SensoRx. 

However, the opportunities to probagate our technologies globally in a massive scale may present American SensoRx with an attractive alternative to achieve its goals globally in due course. The alternatives are:

1.  It may be possible to allow American SensoRx to enter into an agreement with one or more major pharmaceutical companies whereby American SensoRx would receive addirional funds to ramp up its production not only domestically but also globally. 
In response to this financial support, American SensoRx would initially build and supply its new systems exclusively to support the worldwide internal manufacturing requirements of the pharmaceutical company.  Furthermore, American SensoRx would provide an immediate financial discount to the pharmaceutical company and thereby payback the initial fund that American SensoRx received at the start of the global manufacturing assistance program.

2.  Once the worldwide system requirements for the supportive pharmaceutical company were met, American SensoRx would then take orders from other pharmaceutical companies. If for some reason, the per unit discount granted to the supportive pharmaceutical company was insufficient to fully payback the initial financial assistance granted, then payments would be made from the proceeds of orders taken from other pharmaceutical companies.

3.  Furthermore, American SensoRx may choose to raise third party funds to acquire the necessary equipment and resources necessary to ramp up global production and sales.

4.  In this scenario, American SensoRx would seek funds from all available resources and then utilize the funds to quickly ramp up its global production capacity and sales reach.  Orders would be solicited from all interested parties and handled on a first come-first served basis.