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American SensoRx, Inc., devoted thousands of man-hours and spent large capital, all with the goal of developing successful products that would eliminate the deficiencies of products to date.  American SensoRx recruited the most prominent mathematicians and computer science, electromechanical, and control engineers from the USA, Japan, Korea, and China.  The result was the creation of the FilleRx® system incorporating its highly advanced InspectRx® – SpectRx™ technologies.  In addition, American SensoRx established an overseas location to host the international work force, in machining several working prototypes, until a complete and marketable FilleRx® system was constructed and ready to be mass-produced.

The qualitative and quantitative functions of the FilleRx® - InspectRx® - SpectRx™ NIR systems are much greater than the current available leading filling machines in the market place.  However, the functions of the FilleRx® - InspectRx® - SpectRx™ systems are accomplished with greater cost benefits and proven technologies

In the near future, American SensoRx, is confident that it will provide micro and nano inspection levels to several discriminating clients worldwide. 

American SensoRx has developed the SpectRx™ NIR technology where the chemical composition of tablets, capsules, and gels including the active ingredients are identified and calculated by weight through the SpectRx™ NIR .  While the current speed of the SpectRx™ is 80 scans per second using a single probe with a limitation of two probes per NIR system, leading to 160 scans per second.  American SensoRx has under development a new type of micro-NIR probes which will enable 80 micro-probes to be fitted into 80 separate cavities located above the slat.  As each product in each cavity slat passes by the NIR probe it yields 80 independent spectra describing the chemical compositions found in the product. 


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