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American SensoRx‘s twelve year investment to date for the development of FilleRx® totals almost $19 million dollars.  This includes the costs for design, materials and fabrication costs as well as the costs for technical evaluation, testing & debugging and software development.  These costs do not include the development costs for the the InspectRx®  vision system and the SpectRx™ NIR system which in most instances will be incorporated into the FilleRx® ml and Machinex® systems.

American SensoRx has estimated that the global demand over the next three year period of time for FilleRx® systems will total almost 300 units. It is also estimated that in approximately 80% of the cases, an InspectRx® system will also be required.

The major pharmaceutical corporations in the United States are long-term clients of American SensoRx, Inc.  It has seen a number of systems implemented at pharmaceutical corporations where the InspectRx® vision, and the SpectRx™ NIR systems have both been instrumental in ensuring error free manufacturing environments.

American SensoRx’s participation in countless expositions, and symposia world wide, as well as the marketing and selling of our systems in Europe, Japan, Korea, and China have caused American SensoRx  to become a well recognized and respected name worldwide.

American SensoRx’s initial focus was limited to the pharmaceutical Industry.  Thereafter, attention was substantially directed at the medical, cosmetics, chemical, and food industries. 

Almost all pharmaceutical corporations involved in producing tablets, capsules, caplets and gel, possess one of the four known filling machines, King, Merrill, Stokes, or Lakso, and we often see the combination of the four operating systems at one pharmaceutical manufacturing site.  In 1994 DT Industries purchased all four filling machines, and named them DT Lakso.  Lakso filling machines were related to the other filling machines in that their technology was developed in the 1940’s.  Lasko’s advantage was its incorporation of a PLC in their filling machine.  However, it never operated with an encoder to track the angular displacements of the slat carrying, and advancing the products to bottles.  An encoder is a fundamental ingredient necessary to provide precision, accuracy, and repeatability.  The lack of encoders result in inaccuracies and inability to speed the filling operations for fear of loosing synchronization.

American SensoRx, Inc., had taken this matter into consideration and incorporated encoders in every motor used in the FilleRx® – and InspectRx® systems, creating a complete synchronization at a speed that is more than 3 times the current maximum speed of any traditional system or technology.

The Lakso filling machine, as well as others like it, could not ensure that some tablet, capsule, or gel failed to leave the cavity at the required time causing an inaccurate count of product in bottles.  American SensoRx, Inc., created a specific device to ensure that the cavities are completely emptied at the designated instant. 

Several filling machines drilled a hole in the center of each cavity throughout the entire slat.  The slat enters a line of mating pins entering the slat holes.  As a result, often a significant amount of broken, twisted pins are accumulated during the batch-run, which causes more harm than an inaccurate counts in bottles.  The FilleRx® system has a specially designed device that competently deals with this issue without harming any fragile products.

Lakso filling machine and alike could not ensure accurate count of products entering the bottle due to empty cavities.  Therefore, Lakso developed a “Micro-Scan” electronic counting system for the product in the cavities.  Unfortunately, the Micro-Scan set up was too long and tedious.  The Micro-Scan was also deficient in detecting the presence of small sizes of different product. 

The FilleRx®-InspectRx® combined systems, guarantees a 100% accurate count. It also guarantees the integrity of product dimensions, color, color combination, and product contamination.  The FilleRx®-InspectRx® combined systems guarantee that the manufacturing environment is free from any mix up during the filling operations.

There are a number of filling machines in the market. However, none provides the vital tasks of accurately counting, high speed filling, and the assurance of product integrity.

Competitors filling machines must come to a full stop, or significantly slow down at the end of each cycle to allow the bottle to exit the domain of filling.  This approach does not usually yield high speed filling operations.  At their highest quality level, those machines operate at a very low production rate.  In addition, product inspection does not exist.

Some competitors filling machines have been equipped with “thumper” to knock and impact the product assisting it to exit the slats.  Fragile products may suffer the consequences.

Other types of filling machines allow pins to penetrate cavity holes, which are made specifically to push the product out of the cavities.  Any slight misalignment causes the pins to collide with the slat surface destroying either the penetrating pin or the cavity back surface; usually the pins together with the cavities are destroyed.

The Pros of American SensoRx Filling, Inspection, and Packaging System:

Every slat within the FilleRx® system is accurately divided into 80 cavities.  At the exact middle of every cavity is a small gap which is machined or molded in place.   At a specific point in the filling cycle, 80 mating thin fingers gently enter the 80 gaps allowing all and each one of the products to slide smoothly out of its cavity and fall in the bottle. 

This ensures that no product is left behind.  Accordingly, the problem of product jamming in the cavity is eliminated.  Also, the InspectRx® vision system tracks with absolute accuracy the exact number of products entering the bottle.  Thus only properly filled bottles with accurate counts are able to reach their final targeted destinations.  The unwanted bottles are directed to either the reject or quarantined location according to the type of error detected by the InspectRx® vision system. 

The FilleRx® - InspectRx® combined systems are uniquely fit, and work in tandem. Also, they work independently. 


The Slat Arrangements are Corresponding with the Dividers to Ensure Synchronized with the Servo-motors.


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