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American SensoRx, Inc., is the leader in developing “Vision Processing Applications.”  The corporation is passionate about its work and obsessed with its quality.  Its personnel love what they do and envision their lives work as having a positive impact on the people and organizations whom they serve.

Job Description

Develop and implement software routines to capture and analyze high-speed images of different object’s shapes, dimensions, colors, and positions.  The developments are applicable to pharmaceuticals, medical, and cosmetics industries.  The routines may include “Barcode” reading, and “Optical Character Recognition.”

 The candidate must be familiar with area scan, line scan, GigE cameras, and Image Boards.  Also, the candidate must be familiar with NI data acquisition boards, and signal conditioning. 

Suitable candidates must be fluent in C++, Visual C++, and thorough understanding of high speed image transfer.  The development will be conducted on several IMB work stations.  Additional knowledge of PLC programming is a valuable asset.

The Candidate

Candidates holding associate, bachelor, master, or doctorate degrees in Software Development, or in Computer Science, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Physics, Mathematics, or related fields are strongly encouraged to apply.


We offer excellent salary, generous benefits, and flexible hours to independent employees –

The corporation is a “Result Oriented Company.”


New Jersey – 10 miles form GWB
American SensoRx, Inc.

31 N. Monroe Street, Ridgewood, NJ 07450

send your resume to: 

email:  Sabrie@AmericanSensoRx.com  

Facsimile: 201 447 8998

Please Contact:  Dr. Sabrie Soloman        201 447 8999


American SensoRx, Inc., 31 N. Monroe Street, NJ 07450 USA - Phone: 201 447 8999 Fax: 201 447 8998 - info@AmericanSensoRx.com